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Super Spring Salmon Salad

This is one of my absolute favourites and can fit in with my usual- 'cook once eat twice rule. This is a great salad for those of us that want to eat clean and stay fully for longer. It is packed full of wholefoody goodness and is perfect as a light meal for the upcoming spring/summer months.

As is the norm for me, I recommend sourcing some organic salmon to support sourcing of this beautiful fish.

This salad combines golden beetroot, asparagus, grapes, avocado, soaked almonds and organic greens with a rich a salty grilled salmon fillet.

As a frequent gm goer this fuels my well, being naturally rich in essential fats, amino acids and vitamins that keep me energised, immune strong, energised and happy! It is also diabetic friendly and is in keeping with my flexitarian diet- being organic and largely plant-based.

My method when it comes to fuelling my system whist running a busy lifestyle is to prep ahead of time.

This recipe calls for pre-cooked asparagus, cooked beetroot and pre-soaked almonds.

So its best to grill your asparagus the eve before and use some for diner and set the rest aside for your next day salad. The same goes for the golden beetroot.

grab a few handful of organic skinless almonds and soak them overnight in water to soften and make them more digestible.

Simply grill or steam your fish with Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper

and then assemble your salad by eye using:

*1 handful of fresh organic red grapes

*1/2 an organic avocado (keep the stone in the other half and fridge for another time)

* organic salad leaves - as much as you like

*chopped asparagus

* sliced golden beets

* dress simply with olive oil and lemon juice

either eat fresh or cook your salmon and take it with you on the move and eat cold.

I usually enjoy my salads with organic homemade or store bought hummus for some extra bulk and taste!

try this at home and enjoy a healthy meal that will fuel you up and keep you going in the most healthy way!