My way into my work was through understanding my own healing.  My own history of disordered eating, hypermobility spectrum disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, anxiety, depression, feeling lonely, lost and misunderstood. I have experienced a variety of therapies which focused on symptoms and parts, serving a temporary lift or new focus.


As I delved I recognized that my body was clearly calling out to me. I was symptomatic of a deep of lack of self love and needed to relearn how to be better to myself in order to help others. I received a deep message from myself whilst involved in this self discovery and inquiry, a need for clarity, forgiveness and understanding. I had spent many years thinking and believing things that lead me to self sabotage, deprivation and stress.


Depriving myself of food, relationships, success, happiness, peace. I was invited to the work and this brought me back to myself. This was the catalyst for actual change. 

I realized what work I needed to do to be able to genuinely be myself in the world, happy and fulfilled. And all this is now an ongoing way of life; learning, growing and being. 

Before discovering the power of other work, I struggled to find ways to work out who I was, why I felt he way I did and what I could do to fix myself. I studied psychology, naturopathic nutrition and herbalism, food energetics, became a Certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, studied massage, became a Personal Trainer, studied Neuro Kinetic Therapy…you name it, if I thought it might help, I looked into it!

I have distilled all my trainings, studies and experience into my own integrated holistic approach with gentle kindness at its hear


Now I have found my own way of self regulating. I turn to inquiry when I feel out of balance. I use whole foods, functional movement and release techniques and time in Nature as part of my overall Lifestyle that supports my wellbeing,

I want to share and offer this approach to help others and inspire our individual capacity to invite in new and good and FEEL better. 

I love being able to use my intuition, knowledge, experience and passion to help others find their way. 

I have learnt that what we believe about ourselves and our lives is manifested in our bodies. 

I believe that any mind/body related goal can be achieved through one to one ‘work’.


I also believe that in order to overcome illness, pain, anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, we need help AND we are here to help each other.

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