I am a passionate, intuitive  type that has committed years of study to deepening my understanding of the subtle nature of the human body. This has lead me to work in the fields of  Natropathic Nutrition, Energetics, Fitness, Body Work and Facilitation (
With my own history of hypermobility spectrum disorder and pain syndromes, I have been fascinated with the idea that we can heal the mind and the body through nutrition and mindfulness. What we believe about our bodies is manifested, the biology of belief!  I believe that any mind/body related goal can be achieved through 1-1 coaching, understanding how to our bodies work, how to nourish ourselves and self regulate.  I also believe that in order to overcome imbalance, illness and pain, we need help. I work with clients, gently encouraging  the body back into balance. I guide clients to FEEL their way to better health and happiness. I have been amazed at the power of listening to my body and opening myself up to change.

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